Primae Noctis

The first night is the most important. Its when you put on your best clothes, clean your apartment, put some smelling in your hair. Like with any first night, I have no idea where this is going, but remain confident I actually have no idea why I started Confessions, other than as an outlet for the entire world to be subject to the greatness of Adamic Updates. Actually, I guess that would be a good enough reason. I want to actually have to do something besides this pure, unadulterated bliss of sitting around in my underpants. Well, that and I really wanted to pull more of my friends into yet another one of my ideas that will invariably fall through after we all lose interest in about three months.

This is my first night with Confessions. This is me putting on my best shirt (a Roc-a-wear shirt that a friend gave me), ironing my best pair of khakis and cleaning my white bricks. Cleaning my apartment. You know, making sure that everything is in order.
So here we go on this fantastical voyage now known as Confessions of a Beirut game. For at least the next six months.

Let’s Go.