There’s something weird

About seeing death referenced in legal documents. Like this “Article V: Death of the Participant” section I just proofed. The world of legal documents is hermetic and godlike. Like a wristwatch, written out. Death and accident and insanity and inspiration are not things that seem to belong to the same world. To see them planned for startles me. Like you’re looking at porn and one of the pictures is of the woman in sweat pants, with a head cold, trying to make lunch for her toddler. Once you’ve seen it, the internal logic of the rest is gone.

Plus there’s that eerie resemblance to Renaissance romantic paintings. The ones where half-invisible muses and angles are hovering around the event, whispering in ears, witnessing, or taking up the soul of someone who’s died. Or like that image in the Animatrix of the server goddess cradling the glass of your pod. What happens when we die? Who goes on? Who carries us away, bolts the door, turns off the lights? Article V.