Oh, No, Not I

Gender politics are fun. Fun on the level of a professional wrestling match sponsored by Vaseline filmed in a fireworks store. I can’t get enough, even when it’s awful.

Awful like this. Or did-I-just-fucking-read-that, like this.

Socially liberal people usually argue against this stuff on the wrong grounds. They don’t see what the actual issue is. It’s not religion.

Let’s look at what brings these very different worlds together.

But attempts to introduce harsher sentences have been blocked by conservative lawmakers who argue that tougher penalties would lead to promiscuity.

And, on a radically different issue:

Perry defended his decision, saying his fellow conservatives were wrong to worry that mandating the vaccine will trample parents’ rights and promote premarital sex.

Not so different after all. Less horrible action, same (I say) horrible motivation.

While sex between two people can be a lot of things, sex in a society is 100% about power. It’s the first thing any civilization organizes, standardizes, and sets rules for. Who gets to screw whom, when. Who gets the partners. Who gets the kids. Who keeps a name. Who gets the money. What a person has to do to lose these privileges, or gain them over others. Fundamental power.

Here we have men, certain men, trying to make sex more hazardous for women. Who baldly state that if having sex bore a higher risk of pain and death (for women), the world would be a better place. Now eventually this will be based on some principal of religious purity or social harmony. That’s a decoration. It’s a neon-red herring, and it successfully distracts damn near everybody.

Abortion, at its heart, is exactly the same. That’s why people are so crazy about it. Right-To-Life people are devoted to a whole bunch of causes, and so are radical feminists. Abortion is the only one of their shared obsessions that always matters to normal folks. That and birth control in general.
I think the people who really, really want abortion criminalized, and the ban highly enforced, want it for the same reason some Muslims don’t want to punish fathers who kill their children.

Read that again.

This is one of those things most people know is true, but can’t say clearly. “Life” does not matter to this argument. To any of these arguments. Neither does Peity. Nor Family. Though that comes closer. “Honor” comes closer. Actually, it’s a third cousin. Because “honor” is the cousin of “prestige,” and “prestige” is the cousin of “authority.”

If a woman has to risk dying of cancer, or from a bullet, or from a botched underground abortion, every time she has sex, she will have less sex or none at all. If she has to risk becoming pregnant when she can not support a child, she will have less sex, or only with a man who can care for her and her baby.

The end result of this will be loyalty through fear. Obedience through fear. Man has the power to kill, or to screw without fear of death. Man has the power to walk away from a pregnancy or a child. This leaves the ability to decide, about sex, coupling, children, the future, in the hands of males by default.

And look at the converse of that. If women cannot choose who, what, where, when … men have to choose. They have to bear all responsibility. This is tyranny of a different kind.

The western guy who impregnates a girl and is forced to marry her and raise the child, or face her father and the courts. The Saudi guy who parties in Amsterdam and can screw white girls and black girls and prostitutes, but then can only have an open relationship or acknowledge children by an Arab virgin chosen by fathers and uncles, with whom he must live and for whom he must care, and decide everything, all his life. The homosexuals who have to actively lie. Even the guy who had to pay for dinner and could be the only one to initiate a romance, to ask, and to bear the shame of the rejection. On any level, the need to decide is the same as being forced to decide. It’s mostly just being forced.

By whom? Other men of course. Which men? The ones willing and able to hurt you. This is racing politics. Stripped down and streamlined.

Her father. Her uncles. The elders. The police. The Judges. Power to imprison, fine, hurt and kill people is the essence of government. Who and what and how much are the only variables. And when this balance is in play, other priorities tend to be chucked out the window. Take this obsession with “promiscuity,” a thing to be prevented at any cost. Such as morally tolerating disease and murder. Oh, starvation too. Poverty. In the case of abandoned women with children — the most consistently poor people in all of history, and the most consistent indicator of more poverty to come.

Child murder. Cancer. Fatherlessness. Hunger. The list of what certain men will allow, in order to prevent women from having sex without permission from them, really doesn’t leave anything out.

Hey, “children are the future.” It’s banal and it’s true. The oldest question is, who’s future will it be?

So these uncles, these judges, these angry young men who approve of them, and shout “slut” and “fatherland” and “honor” and throw shame and acid, which men are they?

They’re the violent ones. I mean, all men are capable of violence, and I don’t mean these men are especially good at it. I mean they think violence is their best bet. They fear, for whatever reason, that a sex life that favors them, favors force. And that one that does not favor force — does not bring a fear of death or exclusion or pain to bear on the conversation — will leave them with less sex and fewer babies.

The closer we all are to the State of Nature, the closer they are to a fuck and a family.

That. Is. It.

Abortion is awful. It should always be discouraged, and other solutions found if they can be. Promiscuity is often awful. Nhilistic, futureless, what’s-my-best-lay-this-week thinking will also lead to a State of Nature. Any belief system or social order that does not value human beings as individuals, and sees them as things to be dominated or used and thrown away, will do this. These principles are embodied in a lot of very good religious precepts. As principles they save our lives, and we should stand up for them.

But Authority By Itself is not the same thing. And people who can’t relate to other people without dominating them, without forcing them, want the one to look like the other. And they do a good job of it. They’ve had millennia in which to practice.

So I’m privately entertained and privately thankful whenever stories like these come up. Because they push the logic of the Uncles to the point where it breaks. It’s horrifying to show leniency on a murderer because he murders his family. It’s hilarious to oppose a medicine because it cures a disease. It’s disgusting to lie about your motives.

But it’s only ridiculous if you assume these guys were ever “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Family” or “Pro-Honor.” Those positions actually do exist. But for a certain number of men in any society those words are a cover for the world’s first political party. The party of You All Do What I Say Or Else. Methods interchangeable. Excuses likewise. Platform non-negotiable.

Nothin’ brings it out like sex.

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  1. If you trace it back far enough it is all biological. Biological imperatives begot cultural norms begot doctrine begot state law. Personally, I am torn. On the one hand the libertarian in me feels uneasy about government backing of a medicine and overt Pharma pandering. On the other side, my utilitarianism, humanism and logic cries out for the government to save people from themselves. If only the government would mandate wisdom! Ultimately, I think this vaccine will be adopted with or without government regulation by those deserving of it’s benefit. Soon it will become generic and cheaper and will be available from foundations for little or no cost. The people who will most likely deny this to their daughters are now and will be the demographic with by far the highest ratio rates of STDs, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancies–religious conservatives…ironic, that which they preach against are themselves…this brings out in me, ruminations on the merits of Social Darwinism….sad as that may be….

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