Mayor of ‘Nawlins = Dr. Evil?

So the city of New Orleans just sued the army corps of engineers for $77,000,000,000. (Or the amount Charles Barkley is likely to spend on an average Tuesday night in Vegas). My first thought was of the scene in Austin Powers where Dr. Evil, having traveled into the past, demands more money that exists in exchange for not destroying the world or something. Why not just ask for eleventy kajillion dollars? Why not just sue God for making it rain a lot? What is a judge going to say? “Yeah, the walls sucked, granted. So, instead of increasing funding so they can actually perform maintenance, lets bankrupt the entire organization and not have any more walls anywhere, as they cause only pain.”

Although, this could just be an insidious plan to somehow pay for enough security for next year’s Hip-Hop Woodstock (NBA All-Star Game) to make Tracy McGrady feel safe.

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