Let’s Go Buff-a-lo!

So let’s see. Best Week Ever?

First, we knew, thanks. Good to be official.

Second, the first conference championship in 25 years. Picked up, CASUALLY. With three games STILL to go in the season. No one else was even close.

Third, what a game to do it with. It is a beautiful thing to take a late-season “cinderella story” out behind the barn and break their slippers. Seems being a disciplined, 4-line skill team beats out two stars, one attack pattern and a Geico Caveman defense.


Fourth, the playoff curse is off. For now. And we may actually end up in a postseason where we can play our regular-season game.

Fifth! A President’s Cup that is literally ours to lose. We have 2 more potential points in the air than Detroit, and a more manageable final three than Anaheim. And the September Sabres are back.

I’m not guaranteeing this is The Year. There are some serious teams out West that we haven’t laced up against much. And Ottawa can never be counted out. Plus there’s the whole Being Buffalo thing. It would only take five unrelated lightning strikes, ten unrelated car crashes, or one goddamn bit of post-modern officiating to set us back.

But it’s all falling into place. And I’m going jersey shopping. The Hairpiece has earned it.

Bama, don’t try to talk me down.

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