French and Canadian culture, faces collide, allowing me rare opportunity to reference obscure Wallflowers song.

Steve Nash, thirty years from now, around a campfire, with an acoustic guitar, singing to the bunch of 12 year olds attending his Peace, Love, & Basketball Skills Youth Camp, a week before running off to Burning Man with Nowitzki and Cuban, artfully expressing away the pain of decades of disappointment:

Once upon a time
They called me the bleeder
Well swimmin’ up this river
With sentimental fever
But this ain’t my first ride
It ain’t my last try
Just got to keep a-movin’ on
If they catch me ever
They’ll throw me back forever

I guess I should be ashamed
But I forget to be vain
Well I did the best I could I guess
But everything just bleeds
They say you’re only sad and lonely
And no one is impressed

Except at this moment Nash realizes that Tony Parker married that chick from desperate housewives, now the hottest milf since Posh Spice, and that it is Nash who is sad and lonely. He weeps. The children look on blankly.