I’ve been racking my brain and trying to figure out the purpose of this blog. I mean, technically, in about 3 months, I think I will have filled the world up with about as much of me as possible. You know, without having any kids or anything.

I already have the Adamic Updates, which pretty closely chronicle my weekly exploits. I have the EX, which, when read correctly, pretty much goes over everything that is going on with me at any given timesd1. Why would I need Confessions?

Its a multi-faceted answer. As are, I would think, most answers but thats besides the point. 1) I need somewhere to vent about my political beliefs. Mostly because I’ve generally banned it from ADUs and I don’t think, except for maybe two conversations that I can think of, that it is on the EX at all. Though two more, again, top of the head, have referenced it tangentially. Though, honestly, that’s really not that good of a reason seeing as I don’t think my political beliefs make sense to anyone but me.

2) Because sometimes I just need to write. Like those people who just need to dance. Except I’m a lot better writer than dancer. But, I can’t dance to save my life. Nor do I like to. But thats a different story for a different day. Well, that and apparently there is a difference of opinion on that matter.

3) Because the name “Confessions of a Beirut Game” is way too good to let go off into the night.

4) Because this is at least the fourth blog I’ve started to write.

I honestly think that the third reason is the winner.

Anyhoo, the major thing that has been bothering me, sadly, is the current state of Michigan football. I have a theory on rivalries, one that apparently from reading around the internets and talking to some people is that rivalries are best when both teams are good. Or, actually, when both teams are bad. The hammer does not have a rivalry with the nail. Though, honestly, that’s probably a bad analogy because nails, by their nature, are made to hold things together. And hammers facilitate that process. So hammers and nails are probably teammates. But thats not the point. The point is that with rivalries, and I think especially with college football rivalries, the two teams have to be at least semi-equalssd2. There has to be a reason, a real reason, why you think you will lose the game. Not just about the other team getting lucky and winning. But having a legitimate shot to beat you year and and year outsd3.

Right now, I’m not really sure if Michigan has that shot. I’m honestly not sure if they could beat us. They’ve lost, back to back, at home to teams that aren’t supposed to be anywhere near their level. Though Appalachian State is a really good team, they just happen to be a div 1-AA school. They’ve lost 5 out of the six games that Tressel has coached against them. And part of that, truthfully, is that Carr cannot coach against a mobile quarterback when the qb is running a spread offense (which is why fans probably should be really worried about Illinois and glad they don’t play Indiana), and we had Troy for three glorious years. The other part is Carr is just getting out coached.

I don’t know. I just worry that it TSUN doesn’t make a major change soon, then the greatest rivalry in sports may be doomed.

There might be more after I sleep for a while. My eye is starting to hurt pretty bad.

sd1: There was a time in which I stated, maybe even publicly, that I would never have a blog because the EX did all that for me. (back)

sd2: I guess a better analogy would be like a fox and a ram or something (back)

sd3: I think that, also, college football has the only real rivalries in sport, but thats a different topic (back)