Gchat AllStars: Preseason

Bizzo: One of my dream jobs is to work marketing or copy writing for the NHL
Bizzo: Except
Bizzo: They’ve got this campaign
Bizzo: Hockey Fights Cancer
Hart: i see
Bizzo: And I can’t imagine the stuff I came up with for the campaign would be accepted
Bizzo: It’s mostly graphic novels.
Hart: omg
Bizzo: Undead hockey stars with kaiser helmets drive flaming sticks through giant tumors while power metal wails in the background.
Bizzo: Except for the ones who are ninja fighting on glaciers, skate-kicking through the throats of nazi eugenecists.
Bizzo: Also with power metal etc.
Hart: LOL
Bizzo: Because, fuck nazis. Am I right?
Bizzo: Nazis don’t skate.
Bizzo: Only this would get the whole campaign mixed up with the anti-swastika punk movement that was itself a reaction to 80s white power punk.
Bizzo: But fuck it. We’ll forecheck them all and let Odin sort them out.
Hart: YES!
Hart: when in doubt….FORECHECK!
Bizzo: Then air guitar.
Hart: (my motto in LaX)
Bizzo: Add air guitar.
Hart: hahahaah yes
Bizzo: It’s the only way to be sure.
Bizzo: Cancer has no fucking chance against hockey.
Bizzo: No chance at all