Always bet with Black, Week 7

The above picture is “VNVNCC” by Britty

I know. I forgot to go over my picks last week. Things, like me being drunk/sick, kept getting in the way. Double Wabbit this Sunday.

Last Week: 9-6
Season to date: 67-50-1

Hawaii (+18.5) @ San Jose State
I’m thinking Colt Brennan. Prime time. He might actually shit on somebody just to get more Heisman recognition

VaTech @ (-14) Duke
I just don’t believe in VaTech. Like at all.

Kent State (-31) @ Ohio State
Ok. I’m not betting against State. I’m voting for Tressell having a heart.

UCF @ (+11.5) South Florida
Grothe is the new hotness.

Illinois (+3.5) @ Iowa
I could have went either way on this. Then I remembered that Illinois is sorta scary for the first in a while.

Texas @ (-16) Iowa State
Texas is pretty much free. Free fallin’.

Baylor (-27) @ Kansas
Kansas isn’t 27 points better than anyone.

Tennessee @ (-7) Miss. St
I think that Croom gets them up for this game and honestly wouldn’t surprised if they won this one

Wash. St @ (+18.5) Oregon
Why not?

South Carolina (+7) @ North Carolina
Spurrier has to do this. Just ’cause.

Arizona (-21) @ USC
Can’t spell suck without USC

LSU @ (-10) Kentucky
Kentucky is at home. I think this alone give them a shot.

Wisco (-7) @ Penn State
Penn State? A favorite? Bullshit.

BC @ (-13.5) ND
This is more a vote for Weiss saying “hey, I gotta do something to save my job” than anything.

Georgia @ (-7) Vandy
Why not?

Mizzou (-10.5) @ Oklahoma
Mizzou looks good this year. I think they’ll win the Big XII championship

Oregon State (-14) @ Cal
Cal says to press “Wait, we aren’t supposed to lose to Oregon State to make us tied with Southern Cal?”

L’ville @ (+10) UCin
Bearcats: Beasts of the Big East

Auburn @ (+3) Arkansas
Darren McFadden gotta beat somebody

Washington (-11.5) @ ASU
Ty Willingham gotta beat somebody