On Notice: 10/12/07

Sorry that this week’s On Notice is late. So I made up for it with pictures!

1. College Football Pollsters

I really want to know the justification for not dropping USC to like 20th. They fucking lost to Stanford. At home. And they didn’t look good at all. But they are a top ten team still? Really? So they have an outside chance at the National Championship? Honestly? That’s bullshit. I’m calling shenanigans.

2. ditriech

First, you start changing the site in the middle of the day. Then, while “upgrading” you managed to mess that up somehow too. And now, a late weekly post? You’re up for review.

Tag Cloud? Bad Idea.
And What’s up with the lower case letters? What are you, the e. e. cummings for losers?

3. Crepes.

Why are you so tasty? Is it because you are a food spy from the French?!?!?

4. Miller Lite

Click-Clack. I know you hear ‘Stones coming.

5. Snap Music.

You are the Lays Potato chips in the Junk food world that is Pop Rap music. Why can’t I listen to a song just once!? What have you done to me?!

6. Google Reader.

Listen, gReader. We all know I love you. I’d do anything for you. The way you keep me abreast of everything. How you can keep me up all night. Sometimes we can sit together quietly. And you make me laugh, oh how you make me laugh. You even let me share you with my friends!

Look, I know you’re dating Java. I understand. I guess he’s alright and stuff. But why can’t I turn you on any more? All last week, whenever I tried, it just didn’t work. I even went the alternate route and tried that little thing that always, always, worked before. Not this time. Please don’t leave me like this. I want you–I need you gReader. Let’s just go back to the way things were, ok?

7. Penn State

We are…
Blowing Goats

Eastern Michigan dropped 22 points on TSUN. And what did you get? 9? And now, JoePa is driving through the streets with rage in his eyes trying to maim any and all grad students in his wake.

Wait a minute. That last part is actually pretty awesome. Seriously.

You still got LJ as a fan though. Sorry about that.

8. Clowns

I got my eye on you. No way is someone that happy or that sad. I know you’re up to something and I will not rest until I find out what it is.