A Link to the web: 10.17.07

Good News

Injured Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett has been able to walk to some extent as part of his rehabilitation after suffering a severe spinal cord injury during the team’s season opener, sources tell Buffalo’s WIVB-TV.

Apparently, Cheney and Rock-Rock are related
(HT Wonkette)
The best part is the Obama campaign’s response.

I think I want to marry her now

Yeah, sure, one of her other blogs has declared war against Cleveland. And she thinks that SEC football is superior to Big Ten football. Who cares. Those things can be ironed out. She referenced Ducks 2. I am in love.

TI has Big things Poppin

(23:50:00) SouljaRoyTellEm: that is a lot of guns
(23:50:04) ditriech: yeah
(23:50:08) ditriech: but you know what it is
(23:50:13) SouljaRoyTellEm: that guy is going to prison for a long time
(23:50:16) SouljaRoyTellEm: yeah i didnt even like that cd
(23:50:21) SouljaRoyTellEm: was waiting for the next one to be the truth
(23:50:24) SouljaRoyTellEm: guess not
(23:50:31) ditriech: I wonder if instead of buying a cd we can put money on his books
(23:50:42) SouljaRoyTellEm: haha
(23:50:47) SouljaRoyTellEm: haha that guy is so fucked
(23:51:05) SouljaRoyTellEm: at least even at 135 hes out of his prison mates’ weight class
(23:54:49) SouljaRoyTellEm: there should be a new album
(23:54:51) SouljaRoyTellEm: ti vs oj

I have no words
Nope. Still don’t.

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