Always bet with Black, Week 8

the above picture is another work by Britty entitled “What”

Ok. So yesterday’s post was week. And the picks are late. I know. I’m employed and stuff. Its ruining everything. I did re-write the “About Confessions” page and I’ll try to have an updated CSS by Wednesday.

And just in case anyone was wondering I got the rabbit last week. Hard core.

I might do a random rabbit day sometime, but not making any promises.

Anyhoo, onto the picks.

Last Week:7-13

Overall: 74-63-1

Just straight picks, no commentary. Its 0154 and I’m tired.

UCin @ (-9.5) Pitt
Vandy @ (+13) South Carolina
Tennessee (off) @ Alabama
Oklahoma @ (-30) Iowa State
Texas (+24.5) @ Baylor
Florida @ (-6.5) Kentucky
Miss. State (-24) @ WVU
TTU @ (+3.5) Mizzou
USC (+17) @ Notre Dame
MSU @ (+17.0) OSU
Cal (off) @ UCLA
Kansas @ (-4) Colorado
KSU (-3) @ OkSU
Oregon @ (-11.5) Washington
TSUN @ (-2.5) Illinois
Auburn (-10.5) @ LSU