An apology of ditriech proportions

Confessions, or re-discovering Confessions, is probably the second best thing that’s ever happened to me. The first was the 2002 BCS Championship game. The third was discovering sex. Anyhoo, due to how important it is to me, I wanted to at least discuss why so few of my posts of late have been, well, steaming piles of shit. The answer is multi-faceted. Which, of course, means that there are like two reasons and I just want it to seem all important.

The major problem is that I have an obsessive personality. I know you’re thinking that with my obsessive personality and a blog would go together like French Fries and gravy1. But no. Apparently, in order to , like, live you need money. And by “live” I of course mean “buy cheap beer, fried chicken and Pelican feed”. And so my job has become my latest obsession. Like I study for it. Making flash cards and everything. It’s pretty awesome. So, my ability to fully commit to the wonder that is Confessions has been seriously limited as of late. For that, I’m truly sorry, and I am working to improve my post quality. Honest.

The second reason was laziness.

sd1: Yes, I know its not just a Canadian dish, but a French-Canadian dish. I’m also a Red Wings “fan” and Wolverine was my favorite X-Men. I’ll probably have to spend some time with a shrink before my time here is done. (back)