Gchat AllStars: I am not a crackpot

Bizzo: … right.
In other news: can you tell me why Delaware exists?
Dutch: so big business has a low-cost place to incorporate
no other state wanted a town called “smyrna”
Bizzo: .. yeah, I can’t think of any more.
Dutch: yeah that’s it for me too
Bizzo: It’s like some county got out of control.
And somehow it got on the flag.
Dutch: well if it were part of pennsylvania it would look like its penis
Bizzo: I was thinking Maryland.
Dutch: yeah that would actually look pretty good
like so: http://imageserver.usgs-topographical-maps.com/md/md250K.GIF
Bizzo: You should get on that.
Two senators my ass.
Dutch: fuck you, biden!
give em to dc

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