Always bet with Black, week 10

my blue period
The above picture is entitled ‘My Blue Period’ and, as always, is drawn by Britty.

Ok, a predictions post without the “Crank That” tag. Lets see what happens

Last week: 8-7

Overall: 88-80-1

Wisco (-15.5) @ OSU
Again, not going against State, just think that The Gov. holds it back a little here. Just a little.
Clemson (+16) @ Duke
This isn’t Basketball Clemson
Wake Forest @ (-1) UVA
Lets go Commonwealth I think UVA has a chance.
Vandy (-14.5) @ Florida
Hey, Auburn won in the Swamp. Vandy might get within 10.
Nebraska (-19) @ Kansas
Nebraska’s not at home. So they have a chance. I guess.
Troy @ (+16) Georgia
Tough Schedule the SEC has this week
Tenn Tech @ (off) Auburn
See Above
San Jose St. (-25.5) @ Boise St.
I forgot that Boise St.still played football.
Texas (+3) @ OkState
TSUN @ (-4) MSU
Depends on if Hart is playing well. I think MSU can keep a rivalry game close. Right? RIGHT?!?!
Cincy @ (+5) USF
Boy, this game looked a lot better a lot earlier this year, neh?
LA Lafayette (-28) @ Tenn
See above about SEC this week.
LSU @ (-7) Alabama
No, I’m not picking ‘Bama because I want everyone to shut up about LSU being the best team in the country. Not at all.
Mizzou @ (-3.5) Colorado
TASER THIS. FUCK [President] BUSH Wrong School. Sorry.
ASU (-7.5) @ Oregon
You gotta think that the Devils can keep it within a touchdown
Rutgers (-2) @ UConn
I fully expect to lose this game
TAMU @ (+21) Oklahoma
This one too.
South Carolina (-4) @ Arkansas
Ol’ Ball Coach vs. Darren McFadden.
Oregon St.(-15) @ USC
Fight Gone.
FSU @ (+6.5) BC
Why not?