El Cop-Out

(21:32:01) ditriech: dude, have you seen the We Are Rite Aid signs?
(21:32:31) SouljaRoyTellEm: no
(21:32:50) SouljaRoyTellEm: that already sounds awesome
(21:33:00) ditriech: I know
(21:33:23) ditriech: its like we are marshall, but with penicillin
(21:34:02) SouljaRoyTellEm: thats amazing
(21:34:04) SouljaRoyTellEm: im gonna watch the rock
(21:34:05) SouljaRoyTellEm: out
(21:34:55) ditriech: late
(21:35:42) ditriech: and ill assume you mean some porn with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson