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So its another Cop Out Post. I’m well aware of that. But I’ve been collecting some of these links for a while now. So deal with it. I am.

New Use for the ADA
Wait. You mean, you can actually claim that Alcoholism is a disability and sue your employer? Oh this is fucking tits. I’m so selling with a hangover from now on. And when I get “disciplined” for having “liquor on my breath” I’m suing them because I have a problem.

Oh Sweet Jesus why hasn’t PUN used this before? Honestly?

In all seriousness (and Biz, you’re sorta like a lier right? [See, its funny because in the one Eddie Izzard show, The Riches, the guy calls Izzard a liar {which in and of itself is funny in the context of the show} and he says “No, I’m a lawyer” and then the guy says “That’s what I said. A Liar” Haha. Jokes are funny. I love jokes!]) why are drug tests legal as far as preventing someone from hiring someone? Addiction is a disability right? How can a company comply with the ADA, yet not hire someone because they have a drug problem?

IRN, I’m a big fan of the Naughty America Series.

Watch me Crank and Watch Me Roll

Therein satisfies the Soulja Boy requirement of this links post

IRN, I listen to “Crank Dat” at lease 5 times a week now. Its down from about 5 a day.

This was absolutely awesome
I read Deadspin daily. And, of course, the Smorgasbord every week. But this was the best one ever. By far. And, thusly, inspired all of the great comments that were here this week.

IRN, the first three links were via Deadspin.

I promise I’m not rooting for them though, ever

I read 4-5 TSUN blogs. And the first sentence in the third paragraph in this one is so awesome, everyone should read it.

IRN, Its 2331 and TSUN still sucks.

Proof of my above statement [via Fleshbot]

I think Warren, TSUN Blows goats.

IRN, Fleshbot is awesome.

I love this picture

Seriously. It’s a great shot.

IRN, I saw a guy bring a pillow onto the Bus and fall asleep. The bus had people standing on it and no one had the heart (either fear or guts) to wake the guy up. Also: It was a Power Puff girl pillow.

Dutch Win, World Cheers

Herein ends the Dutch Requirement of the Links Post.

IRN, the top picture blows goats.

Now, for something we can all hate

Seriously. Dicks is the best way to describe them

IRN, those guys owe pushups.

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