Normally, this ends well

As noted in SMQ1:

This probably started out as two girls asking some guys if they wanted to party back at their place where they had a friend waiting and then…

(09:31:11) WoodnShoePimp: In reply to “UNC Football: When the Tape Comes Out, The Lights Come On
(09:31:13) WoodnShoePimp: what?
(09:31:18) ditriech: yeah
(09:31:34) WoodnShoePimp: is it sad that my first thought was, “jesus, they could do better than that”
(09:31:45) WoodnShoePimp: and then not knowing if i meant the football players or the women
(09:31:49) ditriech: no, because that was my first thought
(09:32:10) ditriech: I scanned and saw the pictures first
(09:33:07) WoodnShoePimp: indeed
(09:33:11) WoodnShoePimp: the women are scary
(09:33:24) WoodnShoePimp: and they had consensual shit first
(09:33:31) WoodnShoePimp: while what, the guy watched?
(09:33:33) ditriech: but serious. I’m expecting someone to say “december fools!”
(09:33:34) ditriech: right
(09:33:44) WoodnShoePimp: and: who gets this excited about UNC football
(09:33:48) ditriech: because none of this makes any sense
(09:39:23) WoodnShoePimp: shudder

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