Scratching at my back door

I was listening to Fever Dog, and, as per usually, got nostalgic. I miss 2005. Such an awesome year.

I guess the last part of 2004 was pretty dope as well.

Anyhoo, here are my favorite Stillwater related convos on the EXsd1.

(20:57:05) ditriech: a Stillwater cover band
(20:57:34) YoureAPatRice: ahhhhhhhh
(20:57:37) YoureAPatRice: nice
(20:57:40) YoureAPatRice: you totally should
(20:57:44) YoureAPatRice: get pete to play the guitar
(20:57:48) YoureAPatRice: and will can sing i guess
(20:57:51) ditriech: hahaha
(20:57:54) ditriech: yeah he can
(20:58:36) YoureAPatRice: ill be your tambourine groupie in the background that just wants to get laid but rocks pretty hard at the same time
(20:58:42) ditriech: haha
(20:58:42) YoureAPatRice: ….excuse me, ill be your band aid

(21:21:30) GrzaGenius: a Stillwater cover band?
(21:21:32) ditriech: yes
(21:21:43) GrzaGenius: who would be in this band?
(21:21:49) ditriech: …well us
(21:22:04) GrzaGenius: in that case, no
(21:22:06) ditriech: and will. because we thought he was in Stillwater
(21:22:08) ditriech: fine.
(21:22:18) ditriech: kill my dreams
(21:22:18) GrzaGenius: what is this fascination with Stillwater
(21:22:26) ditriech: its funny
(21:22:33) GrzaGenius: ah
(21:22:38) GrzaGenius: you are crazy
(21:22:42) GrzaGenius: like crazy uh oh
(21:22:47) GrzaGenius: not crazy whoo hoo

(14:02:47) PcktBread: pssssst. because they arent a real band!

(14:02:47) ditriech <AUTO-REPLY>: How come no one has Stillwater as their favorite music on facebook

I mean, besides me

(14:03:02) ditriech: SO HOW DID I DOWNLOAD FEVER DOG?
(14:03:16) PcktBread: because theres someone out there as deranged as you.
(14:03:27) ditriech: two people
(14:05:15) PcktBread: you can start a club.
(14:05:25) ditriech: dont tempt me
(14:05:32) ditriech: im on facebook now
(14:05:48) PcktBread: oh jebus
(14:11:37) ditriech: the Stillwater fanatics are now here
(14:11:40) ditriech: awesome.
(14:12:04) PcktBread: oh man
(14:13:19) PcktBread: Im beginning to think you have too much power.

(21:10:31) YoureAPatRice: we should make 'running water' have a tribute to Skynyrd
(21:10:34) YoureAPatRice: in your honor
(21:10:35) ditriech: yeah
(21:10:41) ditriech: simple man
(21:10:52) YoureAPatRice: i love this song though, it always reminds me of the end of dazed and confused….
(21:11:05) YoureAPatRice: …and therefore makes me think of the end of a huge party, and passing out in a bush
(21:11:20) YoureAPatRice: except that's never happened to me
(21:11:23) ditriech: it reminds me of this one time i got really drunk and wrote a rap to it on the bus home
(21:11:25) YoureAPatRice: i dunno who that could possibly happen to
(21:11:29) ditriech: me either

(05:03:24) LookABrownGirl: my eye itches
(05:03:34) ditriech: (scratches)
(05:03:52) ditriech: SCRATCHIN' AT MY BACK DOOOOR!
(05:03:52) LookABrownGirl:
(05:03:55) ditriech:
(05:04:04) ditriech: i take it you havent seen 'almost famous'
(05:04:44) LookABrownGirl: oh i have
(05:04:49) LookABrownGirl: but that was a weird weird thing there.
(05:06:33) LookABrownGirl: especially because you like screamed it
(05:06:46) ditriech: thats how russell sang it
(05:06:53) LookABrownGirl: you dont call him russell okay
(05:06:56) LookABrownGirl: you dont actually know him.
(05:07:00) LookABrownGirl: (shakes head)


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