Merry Christmas

(11:54:21) SouljaRoyTellEm: merry christmas slutbear
(11:54:41) ditriech: merry christmas cockslap

(13:50:27) ditriech: merry christmas ife
(13:50:40) TheWaffleIsMe: happy hanukkah adam
(13:50:55) TheWaffleIsMe: i always knew you were one of the black Jews
(13:51:00) TheWaffleIsMe: never wanted to offend
(13:51:44) ditriech: yes. you’re a great guy like that flops

(11:46:48) SXEDProf: what day is today?
(11:46:53) SXEDProf: it’s jesus’s birthday
(11:46:56) SXEDProf: what a great day for a birthday
(11:47:00) SXEDProf: let’s all have some cake
(11:47:09) ditriech: im all for cake
(11:47:12) ditriech: you know, whenever
(11:47:52) SXEDProf: and a jubilent kwanzachristmukkah to you, adam
(11:48:09) ditriech: yeah, what you said right back at you
(11:48:18) ditriech: im a bit too hungover to type that many letters
(11:48:30) SXEDProf: ha
(11:53:52) SXEDProf: i prescribe more booze
(11:53:56) SXEDProf: and with that, i’m off

Merry Christmas everybody. Hopefully everyone received the gifts that they were looking for. Especially if it was a Dick in the Boxsd1.

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Personally, I’ll be spending the holiday as I always do, drinking alone. I hope you’re spending it the way you want to.

EDITED: Best. Christmas Comic. Ever.

sd1: I will use this video for as long as it exists on YouTube. Mostly because it was the most awesome thing that I had ever seen the first time that I saw it. (back)