Resolved: 2008

My New Years resolutions, by ditriechsd1:

1. Win more often
2. Liveblog a movie while in the theater
3. Go another year without watching the samizdat
4. Claim that “This is Sparta” as often as possible.
5. Nickname someone Sloopy. Tell her to hang on as much as possible.
6. Go to NASCAR race. Do not get lynched.
7. Find it necessary to do the Super Bowl Shuffle while at work at least twice.
8. Restart the “Tuesday Night Drinking Club”sd2.
9. Liveblog both the commute to work and home on the same day
10. Purchase St. Patrick’s Day Tree. Watch as Hilarity ensues.
11. Learn how to play tennis.
12. Write an entire craigslist ad without using the letter “e”.
13. Write more parody songs.
14. Find PGOAT.
15. Find more weird things to Liveblog.
16. Give more leeway with Rule #2 than Rule #1
17. Watch my back as I walk through the garden.

sd1: These may all not be real resolutions. (back)

sd2: Tagline: All we wanna do, is get real drunk. (back)

3 thoughts on “Resolved: 2008”

  1. I’m not sure which frightens me more, the in-jokes that I get or the in-jokes that I didn’t get.

    Although I guess it’s closer to the _in-joke_ that I didn’t get. But I digress

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