Debate Notes

Winner: Charlie Rose. Good format. Much better questions than usual. It was great to see a journalist do his job in one of these debates. When I first saw them cut to Diane Sawyer, I thought she was gonna host the Democrats. Jesus Christ.

Loser: Mitt Romney. So many words, so little meaning. At the start of this race he was assumed to be the most poised candidate. He looks like a joke. He sounds like a joke. It’s late, so this plays out in my head as Bill O’Riley standing on his desk with a broadsword, screaming “YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!” while the volcano erupts and the cast of the Big Beer Ad sing as if they, not Mitt, were dying on the ground.

Surprise: Republicans. I don’t even want to vote for them this time around. But for substance, clash, and choice … they were the party worth watching. Fred Thompson. Shockingly competent.

Disappointment: Barack. I really, really want to vote for him. But ow. Somehow decided he needed to fight EDWARDS in a “my family is fluffier than yours” match. Resulted in Hillary raining fifteen solid minutes of humiliation on them both. Best debater moment by far. “Can I bring this back to reality?” And she was right.

This wasn’t time to be folksy, or appealing. This was time to fight. Am I wrong? Can he weather this? I want to hope.

Strategery: Richardson. Ran the best 1-hour campaign for VP ever. Basically dared Edwards and Obama to not legitimize themselves by running with him. Loved it.

So will I stay the course? Will I keep the Sparta-n from Jakarta on the carbons of my checkbook? Will so many of us kids be proud of that?

Tuesday’s coming.

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  1. So, does this mean that in 20 years Mitt will kill Emperor Cheney to save his separated-at-birth son? Here’s hoping.

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