Awkward Day

So Far


Bizzo: Morning! Do you have any [office supply]?

Elderly Secretary: Sure do! Just got some in so it’s spanking brand new! er, spanking! Wait.


Elderly Secretary: Brand spanking, I mean! New! Spanking new. I mean, you know, Spank. No.


(lunch cafe)

Woman: Do these dumplings have pork? Vegetables, right? Which ones do?

Friend: I think those.

Bizzo: I never asked.

Woman and Friend: Could be anything! ha!

Bizzo: (turning around to leave) “APPLE SAUCE?!??”

Tiny Japanese Woman In Whose Face I Just Bellowed APPLE SAUCE For No Reason:

Bizzo: Er… a …

Japanese Woman: [flees]

Updates as they happen.

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