Ron Paul is so right about a few things it hurts. As an American politician in 2008 he cannot govern. But he would have Cassandra syndrome in the worst way. If he cared. What if we did allow the nations of the Middle East to exist without our hands up in them like a one-man muppet show? It might be brilliant. Then again, there’s Putin. … nothing’s for sure.

But for cold, considered reality? I hope he gets a place in history. More of which should be written by people who didn’t care what the crowd in front of them wanted.

What a year.

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  1. well, part of the problem is, a lot of those countries will let anyone with money and weapons prop them up. If not the US, then Russia. If not Russia, then China. China’s already messing around with Africa. Check out the Economist’s now-dated look, See also the NYTimes

    It’s easy to say that the US shouldn’t have propped up all of those dictatorships in the 70s and 80s, now that the USSR is just a boogyman used to make kids eat their vegetables. But looking at Putin’s involvement in Iran and China trying to outright buy the African continent, and I can understand where they were coming from.

  2. Also, Ron Paul is just plain wrong and scary-as-fuck on a lot of issues too. The recent hubub about the newsletters written in his name is just the beginning. Even the most conservative economic experts view returning to the Gold standard as akin to drowning a woman to see if they’re a witch. The “Fair Tax” is anything but (DIAF, Huckabee.) And please oh please, don’t get rid of the Dept of Ed. It’s the only thing keeping kids in Kansas from learning about a geocentric universe, and the only thing keeping DC from basically shutting down its entire public school system.

  3. Dutch – Agree on both. Especially the first. But it’s telling that we’ve been caught in a game of one-upsmanship that has no logical end. My point is Paul will actually SAY shit that happens to be true, like “you pander on about Israel, but we give the Palestinians, Saudis and Jordinians twice as much aid to keep everybody quiet.” and “The Revolutionary Guard’s raftboat reality show is not a threat to our navy, and ranting about how we should blow them to hell to prove we have a big dick is childish.”

    Ron Paul is absolutely wrong on the gold standard, trade, abortion, and a whole mess of other things. You’ll notice I don’t support him.

    But damn. When only one person will say “that sweeping scheme of yours, what will it COST?”, you take what you get in terms of truth telling.

  4. Totally agree. It’s important that somebody say these things. But when somebody like Paul, who has so many other certifiably bat-shit-crazy planks in his platform, says them it has about as much credibility as the crazy guy with a sign on the corner complaining about how the government is monitoring his brainwaves.

    Your comparison of Paul to Cassandra is incredibly apt. Nobody believes Paul either. But maybe it’s because he makes his valid points in the same breath as his conspiracy-theory ones, while taking money from white supremacists. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how accurate his criticisms are when his credibility is essentially bankrupt.

    If only a candidate who had the credibility to be taken seriously would ask these questions. But they can’t, because they’re all proposing differing versions of the status quo. Everybody who has a chance at power is too reliant on the status quo to want to change it.

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