Gchat AllStars: About as Expected

LJ: I hate MLA
LJ: and i hate every english teacher in this school that tells kids its the only way to go
and i hate high school english teachers
and i’m using this gmail chat bubble as a vent. sorry.
Bizzo: that’s always recommended.
LJ: good. i know why kids are so dumb. it’s our fault.
Bizzo: Good job. Keep ’em fron rising up.
LJ: or make me want to kill myself. maybe both
Bizzo: Better than being mauled/eaten/gummed to death by a mob of small children.
Have you ever seen The Brood?
Public service video, that is.
LJ: I think I make more money that way.
about what?
Bizzo: The dangers of being eaten to death by children.
It’s like those signs that warn you about raccoons.
LJ: how does that look in yellow and black?
Bizzo: Hilarious.
LJ: sexy