The unanswered questions

(12:55:47) SouljaRoyTellEm: fill me in on some things that happened after midnight
(12:55:52) SouljaRoyTellEm: i remember knocking the table over
(12:56:05) ditriech: asking the wrong person
(12:56:08) SouljaRoyTellEm: but very blurrily
(12:56:12) SouljaRoyTellEm: ha i think we are all the wrong people
(12:56:13) SouljaRoyTellEm: psi upper what
(12:56:18) ditriech: psi upper norton!

In life, there are many questions. Some of them, however, go unanswered. Like “How did I get home?” “What time did I leave?” “Why is there a cake in my kitchen and a shopping cart in my living room?sd1” Then, a beacon shines through.

(13:36:42) SouljaRoyTellEm: at some point we broke into the potato vodka
(13:36:44) SouljaRoyTellEm: shit was never the same
(13:36:52) ditriech: haha
(13:36:54) ditriech: yes.

More convos after the jumpsd2

(13:47:37) ditriech: what is a natural hat trick?
(13:49:36) WhamBangThud: No one scores in between your goals.
(13:49:51) WhamBangThud: So you score three in a row
(13:50:19) ditriech: “join us next time for more ‘Ask a Hockey Guy!'”
(13:52:18) WhamBangThud: (theme song)
(13:55:29) WhamBangThud: There should be a pithy term for a kamakazie goal
(13:55:37) WhamBangThud: Other than “kamakazie goal”
(13:55:38) WhamBangThud: Of course.
(13:55:42) ditriech: yeah
(13:55:50) ditriech: “goal of the divine win”
(13:55:52) ditriech: ?
(13:58:52) WhamBangThud: haha
(13:59:09) WhamBangThud: A Rugby Goal?
(13:59:11) WhamBangThud: Hmmm
(13:27:52) WhamBangThud: “McArthur had two on the night, and scored one on a rugger.”
(13:27:59) WhamBangThud: That might work.
(13:28:49) WhamBangThud: Wondering if any net-crasher would qualify, or if the goal-scorer himself would have to end up inside the net.
(13:29:04) WhamBangThud: Should be held to the second. Don’t want to devalue the currency.
(13:29:17) ditriech: definitely.
(13:30:14) WhamBangThud: They disalow kick-ins, but this term might result in some new puck handling training
(13:30:43) WhamBangThud: If you can get up a lot of speed, then flip the puck up and balance it on your chest …
(13:31:06) WhamBangThud: Or hold it between your knees
(13:31:10) WhamBangThud: Or in your teeth
(13:31:17) ditriech:
(13:31:20) ditriech: on the last one
(13:31:26) WhamBangThud: And just dive in there like the net is filled with virgins.
(13:32:29) WhamBangThud: Actually, there’d be no cost to that.
(13:32:46) WhamBangThud: No NHLer has all natural teeth in front by the time they get to the leauge.
(13:32:59) WhamBangThud: They basically get them rotated like tires anyway.
(13:33:02) WhamBangThud: So fuck it.
(14:17:07) WhamBangThud: “Ugly goal Jim, but a point is a point.”
(14:17:32) WhamBangThud: “Got that right lenny. The leauge is considering changing the rules on Chompers next season.”
(14:17:44) WhamBangThud: “I guess they’re really clamping down eh?”
(14:17:51) WhamBangThud: (rimshot)
(14:17:57) ditriech: wow
(14:18:07) ditriech: this has taken a turn for the awesome
(14:19:19) WhamBangThud: “Just like your wife Lenny. On the my little pony pillow on your daughter’s own bed.”
(14:19:25) WhamBangThud:
(14:19:30) WhamBangThud: “Jim? Too far.”
(14:19:46) WhamBangThud: “Yeah, I have no sense of proportion eh?”
(14:20:00) WhamBangThud: “We’ll be right back.”

(13:38:26) LookABrownGirl: link
(13:39:11) LookABrownGirl: “a particularly ill-conceived attempt that ended in an awkward half hug.”
(13:39:13) LookABrownGirl: hahahahha
(13:39:23) ditriech: haha
(13:39:30) ditriech: this is so my life
(13:39:37) ditriech: “good night fuckface”
(13:39:50) LookABrownGirl: you guys are so mean to each other.
(13:40:00) ditriech: well, no.
(13:40:05) ditriech: I didn’t really say thatsd3
(13:40:11) LookABrownGirl: sure you didnt
(13:40:15) LookABrownGirl: sure. you. didn’t.
(13:40:17) ditriech: though I understand what they’re going through
(13:40:34) LookABrownGirl: next thing you’ll be saying that you’re really not black, but brown
(13:40:35) LookABrownGirl: LIES
(13:40:36) LookABrownGirl: ALLL
(13:40:38) LookABrownGirl: LIES.

sd1: Seriously. There is. Also, you know how the cart isnt supposed to work past a certain point. It does. (back)

sd2: Yes, this is a cop out post. Shut up, I’m hungover.(back)

sd3: Really, I didn’t. (back)