Gchat AllStars: lunch hour

I didn’t move to the South to be cold.
Bobbins: Pfft
At least it’s warmer today
In the fifties
Bizzo: Soooooooong Sooong of the South
Nipples hard as rocks and who the fuck took my glooooooooves

You’re right. Not as catchy.
Bobbins: …..
Bizzo: Now I want to offer to sweeten someone’s potato pie.
Bobbins: Mm, I’ll butter your grits…
Bobbins: Want me to add some pecans to your pie~?
Bizzo: Mind if I dip your cornbread?
Bobbins: I’ll sweeten your tea
Bizzo: Baby, I will stir your julep
Bizzo: I will coat your ribs in sweet sauce and have plenty left over
Bobbins: Mm, yum
Bizzo: Better believe