More cherries

Last night, I missed my first ever State of the Union.

There were a lot of good reasons for this. Mostly I don’t care. What can the guy say at this point, to actually get our attention? Um …

1) “Martial Law begins now.”

2) “Despite their use of shockingly fast submersibles, America can destroy the Lake Michigan Pirates.”

3) “I have woman parts.”

The end.

2 thoughts on “More cherries”

  1. We all know that the union is in the toilet, look at the adjustments to the fed rate. Economic stimulus should not mean try to make us spend more money. Spending generally gives more money to the manufacturers of the products that we use than to the middlemen companies that are in the US. So China, brazil, mexico, and oil producing companies are making money off of our “economic stimulus.” How about trying to make us earn more money rather than spending it? The whole problem boils down to the example that our government is setting. According to confucianist philosophies of governing, the behavior of the leaders of a nation will be mimicked by its people. Our country borrowing trillions to live the highlife is simply being copied on a miniature scale by the populace. Instead of giving me my tax return, I would rather have them spend the money on paying off the national debt. I would rather have the government sponsor public relations and advertising campaigns to combat our culture of conspicuous consumption and predatory lending.

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