It’s officially too late for Gore or Edwards to endorse. If one of them does this afternoon, it won’t have time to process. Rock-rock goes in alone tomorrow. And if he can come reasonably close in CA and NY, he has a chance.

Everybody’s blogging and reporting like Romney has no chance. Really now? So much of the party hates McCain, and Mitt has been the consensus candidate for a while. I’d be surprised if he didn’t end up with the nomination, even if things have to be close. Thompson and Huckabee sure picked away at him. If he hadn’t needed to respond to their candidacies, he probably wouldn’t have made half of the mistakes he did.

Oh just TRY and untangle that sentence.

Real game’s tomorrow.

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  1. I would watch Missouri, they have voted for the winner every year except for 1904. The midwest also has a lot of dangerous, “anybody but HER” sentiment going on. This could hurt the Dems if she gets the nod.

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