Right. About that.

Remember that whole “I’m going to post the entire month of March” thing? The post with Mufasa & Sarabid1 making Simba? That one?

Yeah, I don’t know if you noticed but that got kinda derailed early. Like March 2nd early. And there is no one to blame but myself. So I fully apologize to both people that read this blog. I truly am sorry.

Anyhoo, what had happened was I was tired. I had been up (all night even!) watching ‘The West Wing’ on Saturday-mostly because I couldn’t sleep. But because TWW is so grippingsd2, I didn’t get to sleep. Until like 0530 that morning. This, dear readership, is a huge problem. Yes, I know that not enough sleep is a bad thing and ruins your temperament, your diet, and your lifesd3, but at the time, that worried me not. The problem (and reason why after 0200 I made every valiant effort to stay awake) was that I had to be at work at 0900. Now, the problem with Sunday morning, besides the fact that rain is inexplicatively fallingsd4, is that the metro system which I know and love does not run as well as it normally does. So that means that to make it to work on time I need to leave at 0740. For comparisons sake, I have to leave at 0800 in order to get to work. 20 minutes is a huge deal for mesd5. And, of course, the difference between 0740 and 0800 can get a lot greater when you wake up at 0717. Which is what I did. Somehow, I made it to work on time. This, my friend, was something that was absolutely necessary, a point that I will get to latersd6. So, I get to work on time (Okay, well, early. Like 0846.). To which everyone is happy. Mostly me. We have the meeting, starting off with everyone saying something they are positive about. I say the whole “me barely getting to work thing.” Everyone claps. Happiness ensues. The two hour meeting ends. And we work for 8 more hours. I get on the bus, fully intending to sleep on the bus ride home to the last stop and take the metro home so that I get back in time to post. Halfway through it a co-worker calls me about something, and then I can’t sleep again. Sadness ensues.

And then I get home and I’m out like a 17 year old with no curfewsd7. So that’s why I didn’t post.

W/r/t the whole me being late thing.

This past Saturday, I was put on probation for this month. You see, the ModCon has mandatory minimumssd8 that we are supposed to hit. I came woefully short of hitting mine. Actually, the more I think about it I’m not quite sure of “woefully” is the right word, but I’m going to go with it regardless. But yeah. I’m sorta on probation now. And need to get my sales up within the next 28 or so days or else I’m looking for another job. So, in case anyone wonders why I’m drinking so much this month, there is your answer.

Well, that’s a sucky turn this post took. I’m going to try to pick it up tomorrow.

Or will I?

UPDATE: This has nothing to do with anything, but seriously. A sword? Where did they get the sword? Why did they only use the sword on the kid? Why does this intrigue me? I need these questions answered.

sd1: If that name is right I totally rule at life (back)

sd2: Honestly it is, especially the first season, but I’ll get into that later (back)

sd3: well, I at least know this theoretically (back)

sd4: first person available, please cut me for that. Thank you. (back)

sd5: Mostly because I have a problem waking up in the morning. Seriously. Ask anyone who’s ever lived with me, ditriech abhors an alarm (back)

sd6: and I mean later in this post, not later next week like I do with the other thing (back)

sd7: I know that one blew goats voraciously. But still. I’m tired of saying “like the fat kid in dodgeball.” ok? (back)

sd8: Why don’t you shut up and let me do what I want for a change.(back)

4 thoughts on “Right. About that.”

  1. 1) My current employer [at least for the next month]
    2) about 20k off
    3) No. I need a sword. Thats all the control we need dammit.

  2. I don’t know whether to ask if that is a post on “Stuff White People Like” or to link to this:

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