Why we should run the Republican Party. An Essay.

WhamBangThud: Making odds today?
ditriech: on ohio/texas?
ditriech:or my sobriety by 1700?
WhamBangThud: The first
ditriech: rocks wins both by 2 pts
ditriech: you?
WhamBangThud: Barry wins TX by closer to 5%, drops OH by maybe as much as 8-10.
ditriech: barry?!?!
WhamBangThud: Then Al Gore descends on the stage in a wire rig and hits him with a folding chair
WhamBangThud: Then it’s fucking ON
WhamBangThud: Yeah, well at least I didn’t write it so I’d have to mention Clinton by name
WhamBangThud:Think I would have called her Hillzorg
ditriech: “is that CHUCK SCHUMER’S MUSIC”
ditriech: OH THE INSANITY!
WhamBangThud: PYRO
WhamBangThud: AC/DC
ditriech: dude. new game we have to play soon as there are short lists for the Veep. ‘what would their wrestling music be’
WhamBangThud: And now I picture Kucinich in a Ray Mysterio mask and now I picture him shirtless and posing and now it’s porn and now I’m blind.
WhamBangThud: that was fast.
ditriech: WOO!
ditriech: its okay, I see ron paul as one of those mexican wrestlers with the mask
ditriech: the one that as a huge fan base of people, a couple mainstream
ditriech: but mostly the nerds that talk about how they were into mexican wrestling way before “El Patrón Oro” came out
ditriech: but they still were huge fans of his because he was the only one keeping true to the form of what wrestling was
ditriech: while other wrestling like The McCain Train and HuckaBOOM! were just facists and did whatever they could just to please the crowd
ditriech: or something.
ditriech: no?
WhamBangThud:: …
WhamBangThud: This would really bring the Republican convention back to the people.
WhamBangThud: And finally, the signs they all wave would be interesting.
ditriech: id be willing to bet large amounts of money they share the same base
WhamBangThud: ,,, I think you may be a genius.
ditriech: oh I am
WhamBangThud: I think I speak for the whole country when I say we want Rudy thrown through the MSNBC anchor’s table.
ditriech: no
ditriech: it would be the Univision anchor’s table
ditriech: like its always the mexican announcers table
WhamBangThud: Man, I think we could run a kickass Republican party
ditriech: probably
ditriech: we should send an email