Geography Lesson

Bizzo Away: There are no whores on 7th Avenue
LJ: you calling paul and art liars?
Bizzo: Selectively
There are cobblestones under the 59th street bridge
Bizzo: And I’m sure people still blow each other in the Chelsea Hotel.
Bizzo: But that’s barely related

3 thoughts on “Geography Lesson”

  1. that post is almost as lame as the Sabres(74 points) and Capitals(72 points) performances in the eastern conference which btw would make for much jucier material. At this point I don’t beleive either will make the wild card.

    I have an idea, let’s make a website based on stuff people said in IM conversations, now that hasn’t been done yet

  2. Haha. I like this website. See it’s innovative, because it’s IM conversations … AND OTHER THINGS!

    Fuck the playoffs right now. I don’t want to talk about it on the internet.

    ‘Cept, the Caps could still completely get in. They ONLY need a better record than Carolina. Still very possible …

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