Belated Earth Hour post

Attention Hippies

1) Either fossil fuel use is causing climate change, or it isn’t.

2) Either enough people will change their lifestyle/economy/energy use to reverse the trend, or they won’t, or it won’t work even if they do. The climate could change without asking our permission.

3) Either way, Earth Hour is just a sign for people hip to each other to show how hip to each other they are. Asking someone why they aren’t doing it is like asking if they flossed today or why aren’t they wearing a red belt.

Please spare me your bullshit. thx.

If you had any balls, you’d shut down the servers.

One thought on “Belated Earth Hour post”

  1. Not that I don’t totally disagree with your sentiment, but Earth Hour was a great idea. I mean, if you’re goal is to get people to changetm, the best way to do it is to have them changetm with small steps. Showing them that they can live an hour without electricity or with as little electricity as possible helps their greater goal.

    Also: this

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