In which I explain why I may not take cabs to work ever again

Yesterday (meaning Monday) I had to be at work at 0900. That’s normally no problem at all, I just set my alarm, wake up, cry, set it again, and then get up and go to work. No biggie. Not at all what happened.

I woke up as per usually about an hour before I have to leave but I somehow forgot to set the alarm again. Instead I basically just slept. It wasn’t a good sleep either, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that I woke up at 0756. Now, in order for me to get to work at 0900 I have to get on the train at 0757. Needless to say I wasn’t going to make this one.

So, I did the smart thing and did a little research. Apparently, if I could make it in time to catch the 0815 train, there is an outside chance that I would be able to make it to work on time. Granted, it was very outside, but it was the best that I had. This time, however, I had a backup plan. I, for some reason, had cash. And! With cash you can catch a cab. So the primary plan was set, the secondary plan was in place and I was ready to rock n’ roll.

It must be stated that ditriech abhors a cab. Or something. The truth is that I have a bit of a history with the taxicab industry. When I was back home, on three separate occasions with three separate cab companies I was extremely late to work because they just wouldn’t come. When I called each to find out what was going on, I heard “Something something neighborhood too dangerous.” Whatever pussies. I had places to be. Also, in my first couple of months in the metro area, I was unable to hail a cab. Let me clarify: it was raining, I had been wandering around lost trying to find Dutch’s house for about an hour or so, and I was unable to hail one of the THIRTY-FUCKING-SEVEN CABS (yes, I did count) that drove by without passengers, or “fares” as they are known in the biz. So suffice to say that I really try to only cab it in dire emergencies, or apparently when I’m with SouljaRoy.

Anyhoo, I got to the metro station at 0815 exactly. Unfortunately, so did the train. So I missed it. Next train comes too late for me to be able to get to work on time, so I have to cab it in. Now, when I grabbed the cash off my desk, I grabbed two five and a single, figuring that the ride would cost about that much. For good measure I also withdrew $10 from the ATM. I put the ten in a pocket separate from the rest of the money. This is all very important to the story. I get into the cab, and tell him to step on it. Problem is that he can’t. Traffic is horrible. I’m pushing up on being late. So I email my manager from my phone to let her know (in case you were wondering, this is the best part about having Quincy. I can email people from my phone when I have to tell them something important and it is too early/late for a text or call. I love you Quincy.). I get to work, get out, and pull one bill from each pocket to pay the total fare of 11.75. Now, if you remember, there is a ten in one pocket and two fives and a single in the other. I get inside, take off my jacket and whatnot and go to put the money in my locker. I pull out two fives.

There was a 2/3 chance that I pull out a five. But, of course, I didn’t. Hopefully that cabbie doesn’t want to kill me now. Wherever you are, I’m sorry. I’ll pay you the 75 cents the next time I see you, I promise. Plus tip.

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  1. I didn’t black that out, actually. I just have no idea why I had the cabbie drop us off at PC and not my actual house. Seeing as I probably wouldn’t have gone to the Teet if I would have got dropped off in front of my home. I did black out most things following the potato vodka though.

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