Saturdays with Vika

Awhile back, I got a series of emails from an unknown source calling herself “Vika”. The only reason I opened it in the first place was that the title said ‘Hello from Victoria’ and I was in the middle of an email thread with a friend by the same name.

I only responded to her emails once, to tell her my name, and only because I wanted to string this out as long as possible. Mostly because I had just read an article about how there were apparently programs out there that disguised themselves as Russian or other Eastern European females just trying to get to know someone over the tubez but were really identity thieves.

So Vika if you really are out there, I’m sorry for doing this, but the chances are that you aren’t. I now present to you, ‘Saturday’s with Vika.’ after the jump.

Hello from Vika.
I hope you are glad to hear from me today! Sorry I couldn’t write you last days. I think I mentioned that I was in business trip. My trip was extended and I couldn’t come back home during Friday! I came back only today and very tired. I can’t write you long letter but I promise I will do it Monday because I will be off work during next two days. I am really sorry that I was absent so long but I hope it’s not a problem for our corresponding. Am I right? I hope you didn’t forget about me and will write me back soon! I will wait for your response with impatience! Also I will try to prepare some new pictures and will send it to you! Now some information about myself. I want to remind you how I could find you in the internet. I found your profile in the internet and sent you little message. After some time I got your reply and then I wrote you back to your e-mail! I already wrote you I had profiles in the internet but I deleted it some time ago because they were expired and because I got your reply and now we can communicate! I changed my e-mail address because old e-mail didn’t work properly. About my name. As you know my real name is Vika. But my full name is Victoria. Vika is name for short. You can call me Vika or Victoria. Any of these variants will be ok.I asked you about your real name too but I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me your name? Do you think it’s good idea to communicate with each other without knowing the names of eachother. I don’t think so. I think if you don’t want to tell me what is your real name you just not interested to communicate with me. Am I right? Also I want to let you know why did I write you. I want to find friend in your country and would like if you will be really interested to know me better and to be my friend too! I think you already
conjectured that I am from russian federation. I am 27 years old. I have a work. I am pediatrist in one of clinics of our town. Ok that’s all for now. I will write you more Monday. I will tell you more details of me because I have things to talk about. I hope you want to tell me more details of yourself. I will wait for your next letter and will see do you really interested to write me? Please write me long letter about yourself. I would like to know more details of you! Ok, I will finish my e-mail right now. I will go home and will get rest. See you Monday!
P.S. On Monday I shall send picture which has not reached.