I am not a Grammar Nazi


I’m not sure if you can read this, but what it says is “Is your SAVINGS protected?”

I’m pretty sure that that is not proper grammar. I could be wrong. ‘S why I didn’t major in English. Also, because English majors are (more) weird (than I am).

And no, I’m not posting this so that “people” will be encouraged to write “Comma Chameleon”. Not at all.

One thought on “I am not a Grammar Nazi”

  1. See and raise. Though it’s less “grammar stupid” than just “fucking stupid.”

    Saw an ad for ‘Flowinex’, or ‘Urifree’ or ‘Makeyourdickwork-[latin]’, in a mens room in the East Village. It showed a urinal, and a bunch of long books next to it. Something about how if it takes you this long to pee, there’s a problem. Personally, I’d like to take a piss holding a copy of _Great Expectations_, and just stand there uncomfortably for a while. But that’s me.

    Some of the books: ‘Meaning of Life’. ‘A History of History’. ‘Learn Sandscript’.



    When you’re as good at English as Microsoft SpeakSpell … kill yourself.

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