The Power of Soulja Boy Compels Me

Remember before when I was talking about ‘musical freedom’ and ‘unhealthy addictions’ and such? Sure you do, it was just last week. Anyhoo, as you well know by now, the primary beneficiary of this addiction is the greatness that is Nirvana. Nirvana is pretty much regarded as a good band by most critics (and by most critics I of course mean myself) so that one is at the very least understandable. However! This love also apparently extends to Soulja Boy’s song ‘Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)’.

I admit, this isn’t even a good song. On my iTunes playlist it only has about two stars (I actually use my stars quite a bit, there is actually this whole process I go through with the playlist being multiplied by 10 percent and those songs getting 5 stars and then the songs that sit in the 10-30th percentile get five stars. Its a really involved and totally ditriech-esque process. None of you are actually surprised though.) But that hasn’t stopped me from playing it, and for whatever mindless and weird reason tuning my mental radio to it and hearing it in my odd little head. It also hasn’t stopped me from converting anything that rhymes (proper or slant) to you into YUA!!!!! which is sad for various reasons. Anyhoo, as part of this affliction, I give to you two of the shirts that the Soulja’d one is losing vast amounts of money by not selling. After the jump that is.


crank dat

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