I guess I am a crackpot, Volume 1

Upon further review of this post, I think it might be NSFW. So just in case, I’ll adding this happy little jump tag

(23:01:49) LookABrownGirl: (twinkles)
(23:01:55) ditriech: (stars
(23:02:08) ditriech: in upcoming movie: ditriech, the true Story.)
(23:02:46) LookABrownGirl: (pictures the DVD version which has the options: pants or without pants)
(23:02:53) ditriech:
(23:03:14) ditriech: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!
(23:03:35) LookABrownGirl: but its cozy in here
(23:03:40) ditriech: it is
(23:03:41) LookABrownGirl: and i haz my chair all set uo
(23:03:42) LookABrownGirl: oh hai
(23:03:43) LookABrownGirl: brainz
(23:03:49) ditriech: you like what I did with the place?
(23:03:58) ditriech: I want to start a lolPorn blog
(23:04:02) LookABrownGirl: hahaha
(23:04:07) ditriech: “butt seks, I haz it”
(23:05:38) LookABrownGirl: ‘seks on cam, I luvs it”
(23:07:22) ditriech: oh hai, we are just doing the reverse cowgurl. kthxbai
(23:08:49) LookABrownGirl: o rly, dese clampz 4 me?
(23:09:27) ditriech: gimp suit DO NOT WANT!!!
(23:11:33) LookABrownGirl:
(23:11:40) ditriech: too far?
(23:11:49) LookABrownGirl: im not even sure what that is
(23:11:54) LookABrownGirl: is it the rubber pain suit thing?
(23:12:09) LookABrownGirl: it is
(23:12:13) LookABrownGirl: google images tells me.
(23:12:17) ditriech: yes
(23:12:49) LookABrownGirl: im trying to imagine one that’s shaped like a cat and keep getting this imagery: http://www.catanna.com/officialcatwomancostume.jpg


(23:13:24) ditriech: that…kinda hot
(23:13:31) ditriech: and I’m ashamed for saying that now
(23:14:49) ditriech:
(23:14:58) ditriech: are you, like, not talking to me anymore?
(23:15:03) ditriech: because I would totally understand
(23:17:38) LookABrownGirl: im debating it
(23:18:48) LookABrownGirl: (tastes the rainbow)
(23:19:02) ditriech: (supermans that rainbow)
(23:19:52) LookABrownGirl:
(23:19:57) LookABrownGirl: why would you ruin skittles?
(23:19:58) LookABrownGirl: why.
(23:20:05) ditriech:
(23:20:11) ditriech: did you not read my latest post?
(23:20:24) ditriech: im on a bit of a souljaboy kick right now
(23:20:28) ditriech: well, not latest