Playoff Preview

AND coda. Figure that out.

The league’s coming into its own, post-lockout, at last. The bet on the Penguins has worked, albeit a year late. Ovie single handedly created a new market in D.C., the NHL Store turned a profit, and now they have a full, Internet 2.1 network, operating from above that store, as an NBC affiliate, within view of my office.

The Sabres can make another cup run next year. This year, the points are all to hockey itself.

Slightly delayed playoff coverage begins tomorrow.

If Calgary makes an underdog run, they’ve got me. If not, the Pens deserve it. I mean, deserve to get run by San Jose. But with … you know … some dignity.

Let’s Go.

One thought on “Playoff Preview”

  1. yay! the annual battle to see who shares the ice with detroit as the inexplicably choke on their own talent and devolve into a puddle of semi-sentient and uncoordinated goo that bears little to no resemblance to their regular season self but a great deal of resemblance both in appearance and talent to the children’s toy GAK

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