Socialized Asskicking

My god. It still tingles.

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Let’s break it down:

1) Notice how loud the crowd is for Toronto’s goals. It’s basically a Subway game over the Peace Bridge. The other side shows up. If the visitors win, the home fans have a walk of shame in their own arena. If the home team wins, you’d better have a 30 rack and a lunch box in the car. Because the customs agents will take time to individually give you shit.

2) The teams react to this. They didn’t show it, but JT took a stick to the throat late in the 2nd. Backup goalie, trailing by 2, serious hit … it’s a no-brainer he goes out. JT refused. You do not leave that game.

3) 20 minutes of the most insane, desperate offensive play I have ever seen. How do you top that third period? There was no collapse. Goaltending was solid. Defense was tight. Both teams were just that crazy. Every forward on both sides wanted to end it.

4) If we keep looking like this, all the way through the Florida trip at the end of the month, there is hope.

Let’s go.

PS: We’ll have a First 10 season roundup near the end of this month — you don’t really know how a season’s shaping up in the NHL until around 20 games have been played, but at 10 there are things to say.

PPS: Best wishes K.E. – can’t wait till you make these announcements on your own.