A Moose and his Music

Legitimate reason for, you know, not having a real post today. Mostly because I’ve been spending most of the day on job stuff.

And it took me two hours (honest) to decide what to eat. That damned indecision gets me every time. Every. Single. Time..

Enough about me. Well, not really, as you learn my high school nickname and why Bizzo sent me this disturbing, NSFL (Not Safe for Life) picture. All after the jump.sd1

(10:27:20) ditriech: you should really start using the tags
(10:27:25) ditriech: that’s where the fun is
(10:27:56) WhamBangThud: You use fucking 57 per post
(10:28:10) WhamBangThud: What’s even the point of differentiating tags if you just use them all every time?
(10:28:26) ditriech: actually, I used the same tags as categories
(10:28:39) ditriech: and then add some tags
(10:28:46) ditriech: and for the “related posts” feature
(10:28:54) ditriech: is the reason to use tags at all
(10:29:05) ditriech: even if it is just a copy of the categories
(10:29:42) ditriech: and for things like ” as long as there are no pipe hittin niggas we’re cool” which will never be used again
(10:29:49) ditriech: I use tags for those one offs
(10:30:00) ditriech:
(10:30:11) ditriech: and, of course, I have a philosophy about why I use tags
(10:30:13) ditriech: I have issues.
(10:32:12) WhamBangThud: You have issues like a zombie has a reason to call in sick to work.
(10:32:22) ditriech:
(10:32:31) ditriech: I’ve never had it put so succintly
(10:37:42) ditriech: you know we are at 191 posts?
(10:37:57) WhamBangThud: haha
(10:38:07) WhamBangThud: I just noticed we’re at 14 pages of post summaries
(10:38:10) WhamBangThud: Ridiculous
(10:38:11) ditriech: yeah
(10:38:19) ditriech: of course, im at 108 posts
(10:38:54) WhamBangThud: Clearly I need to disable you for a while and catch up
(10:39:08) WhamBangThud: I think mailing a case of Green Label to Tuck should do it
(10:39:14) WhamBangThud: Just let things run their course from there
(10:39:39) ditriech: nah, I write more when I’m drunk
(10:39:46) ditriech: unless you mean as payment for offing me
(10:39:53) ditriech: then yeah, that might work
(10:40:26) ditriech: iun, I’ve been listening to Song 2 (Woo Hoo) a lot lately
(10:41:41) ditriech: oh don’t look at me as if you don’t know the song
(10:42:18) WhamBangThud: Of course I do
(10:42:27) WhamBangThud: Can place the room I was in when I first heard it
(10:42:31) WhamBangThud: Which is pretty random
(10:42:35) ditriech: …yeah, it is
(10:42:56) ditriech: though the reason I downloaded is because a) its awesome and b) it’s the only song my cousin knew on my guitar this summer
(10:43:02) ditriech: so he played it a lot
(10:43:07) ditriech: and we made up lyrics
(10:43:21) ditriech: …i think I had more fun being broke and jobless than I do now honestly
(10:45:59) ditriech: also! is it sad or telling that “everything you want” is one of my favorite songs?
(10:49:20) WhamBangThud: See, I always took “I am everything inside you” to mean shit like “I have a huge cock” or “I am both your spleen and the fillings in your cavities.”
(10:49:43) ditriech: why do you think its one of my favorites?
(10:49:50) ditriech: they didn’t call me ‘moose’ in high school for nothin’
(10:50:51) WhamBangThud: Because of the tragic bone spurs on either side of your skull they did a walk a thon to have removed?
(10:51:41) ditriech: that and my unnatural affinity for the way that daryl “moose” jonston(?) played the position of fullback
(10:51:53) ditriech: oh, and my unnaturally large penis
(10:53:31) WhamBangThud: And your silky, thick coat of fur.
(10:53:38) WhamBangThud: Can’t forget the fur.
(10:53:41) ditriech: its plush
(10:53:44) ditriech: like that one song
(10:54:12) ditriech: you ever feel like sometimes im just talking you through my current playlist?
(10:54:14) ditriech: because I am.

got me a fuck moose, now fuck with me

sd1: Hey, he sent it to me, so I have to share it with you to get it out of my head. (back)

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  1. The picture has scarred me for life. And green label tastes like liquid smoke. Bowmore, Talisker 10 year, Oban or BruichLaddich 10 please.

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