One good turn deserves another

Yesterday, for various reasons, was a pretty weird day, primarily because (well for most of the day at least) I had made a decision.

Well, ok, I technically make decisions everyday I guess, but it normally takes me about three or four weeks (at the very minimum, I’ve been known to take about a year to make a decision and even then it wasn’t a good one.) to make any major decisions and usually by then the decision really has been taken away from me. But I’m digressing.

I went on my first interview Thursday in about 7 months. So of course I spent the majority of the day sick to my stomach because of nerves and whatnot (sd: I’ve been on only two previous interviews while I’ve been in the DC Metro area, and got a job offer from on of them. The other one I blame on the fact that I had a black eye.), because that’s what I do. I get nervous about meeting people for the first time (which is weird seeing as I make my current living as a salesman and that’s pretty much all I do), always have. But I got over that (mostly) and started on my (very time-friendly) trek to my interview in midtown(?) DC. I get on the train, and I’m checking gReader right here on Quincy, when this guy asked me how he could get to Gallery Place or Judiciary Square, while we were in Rosslyn going towards Farragut North. Now, I could have shrugged him off or told him to go look at a map. But instead I stopped what I was doing (not, unfortunately, because I was about to ruin), pulled up WMATA’s trip planner, and told him exactly what bus and everything to catch to get to his final destination. Feeling good about myself, I then went off to my interview.

Feeling bad about myself after a subpar interview, I walked home as fast as I could in order to get home and start applying for jobs and drinking ASAP. Wait, I’m forgetting a crucial part.

Now, for those who don’t know, I lost my id about a month ago, and now I needed a VA id instead of my glorious OH id. But, in order to get this id, I need my birth certificate , proof of SSN, address and all that jazz. But! In order to get your SSN you need a birth certificate. For whatever reason (and I’m going to go with laziness) my family couldn’t find my birth certificate or my social security card. So I had to send off for another one (which costs about 40 dollars if you were wondering) which was sent via UPS. This would prove to be a problem. Since I just transferred to a new store, I didn’t know what my schedule would be. And, since UPS wouldn’t hold it until I did know my schedule, and the UPS distribution center was somewhere in Alexandria, it was looking like I wouldn’t be getting my birth certificate and thus my license anytime soon.

Just that morning I changed my delivery date to this tuesday when I could hopefully be off, so the package would still be on the truck. I was walking up the stairs to my home when I saw that, for some strange stroke of luck, the UPS truck was there to make a delivery to another home in my little area. So, of course, I asked the driver if the package was still there, it was of course, and so I signed for it and went home a happy man.

The driver didn’t have to give me the package then, he could’ve said that I would have to wait until my scheduled delivery, but he didn’t and I’m thankful for that.

Just goes to show that sometimes one good turn does deserve another.

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