Saturday’s with Vika, week 2 (Searching for Eve)

The next message from Vika was more of the same, random things about her, but she attached a picture this time. For the (very) outside possibility that this was a real person, I will refrain from posting these pictures

Hello again!
This is Victoria. How are you doing? Here is a little message to you from me. I just wanted to send you picture of me. This is one of the recent pictures of me. I live in small town in the middle of Russia near Ural mountains. The name of my town is Krasnoyarka. I think you don’t know it. I like art and I like to look at pictures of art and like to read about different types of art. I like to draw. There were a lot of nice pictures. Also it was not a problem for me to read because I can read, write and speak English not bad! I hope you can understand my letters correctly and my English is really not so bad to understand! Please let me know ? Ok, I have to finish my e-mail and want to tell you I will write you more tomorrow. But only after you tell me your real name. I asked you about it twice but I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me it??? I hope it will be ok for you. Hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day!

Your new friend Victoria(Vika):).

P.S. Sorry yesterday not could write there was a lot of job.