Pictured through my Motorola Q

Seeing as I didn’t write a real post today, I decided to share with you some of the pictures that have been on my phone for about the past week. In order to, you know, make amends. And to have this day count in blog thirty. Or something. Who cares besides me, honestly? Anyhoo:


I took this picture mainly because the price was $1888.

Ok, solely because this price was $1888. Can’t let a Fight Club reference past if I can help it. Would have been better if I could also get a $2160 price tag though.



Mainly took this because I needed a new picture for April (The 1888 one was the March picture)


GradaKiss and I found this when we bought the baby grill. Neither of us have any idea what this is, nor is supposed to be. Though I’m of the opinion that it should die. Not quite sure what he thinks.


This is supposed to say something about “Buffalo Bill” and his tribute to Black Cowboys or something. But it’s a bad picture because I was pretty drunk at the time I took this picture. Which was about 3 hours ago.


The bottom track at Rosslyn is dripping water. And by “dripping” I of course mean “there is shitloads of water running from the top track down to the track in which I spend most of my time getting to and from work because of the weirdness of leaving my particular neighborhood of Arlington and going into Fairfax County” Or something.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!