Conversations of the Day

Conversations that I’ve had today:
Visual Manager: Hey [ditriech], you wanna go to get drinks after work
ditriech: Can’t, lost my id.
VM: Sure you can, we can just go to the bar and I’ll sneak you beers.

ditriech: [in spasms of excitement because he is on his way to Chipotle]
VM: You’re just excited because Chipotle sells beer.
ditriech: Yeah, that’s actually one of the first things I liked about them.
VM: Yeah, me too.

Young Pooter: Hello?
ditriech: Somebody page Rico? (This is actually how we start most of our phone conversations)
YP: Hi [ditriech]
ditriech: How’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
YP: This seventeen year old boy hit on me when I was at the library
ditriech: [random curse words]
YP: Yeah, he knew how old I was too. It was kind of freaky. I called my uncle to take care of it.
ditriech: Good job.