I got Beef, Revisited

So I know you remember before when I was mad at my home state of Ohio due to their restrictions on my being able to receive a new Identification card. Apparently, the Commonwealth doesn’t want me to drink either.

(10:42:34) ditriech: im not going to be able to get an id
(10:43:05) WoodnShoePimp: what?
(10:43:46) ditriech: http://dmvnow.com/webdoc/pdf/dmv141.pdf
(10:44:05) ditriech: I need two identification documents
(10:44:20) WoodnShoePimp: what?
(10:44:23) WoodnShoePimp: so you’re really screwed
(10:44:35) ditriech: yeah
(10:48:20) WoodnShoePimp: Certified copy of school records/transcript issued by a school accredited by a U.S. state
(10:48:23) WoodnShoePimp: call up kenyon
(10:48:27) WoodnShoePimp: request a transcript
(10:50:23) WoodnShoePimp: i think that’s the only way you can do it
(10:50:29) ditriech: yeah
(10:50:35) WoodnShoePimp: you don’t have your ss card?
(10:51:24) ditriech: I didn’t see that as an id
(10:51:28) ditriech: one second
(10:52:22) ditriech: yeah, I don’t see that as acceptable proof of id
(10:54:13) ditriech: this is such a stupid state
(10:55:01) WoodnShoePimp:
(10:55:09) WoodnShoePimp: you’re from ohio
(10:55:30) ditriech: yeah, but to get an id you only need birth certificate and ssc
(10:55:50) ditriech: the ssc isn’t even valid proof of identity in this state
(10:55:59) ditriech: even with birth certificate
(10:56:17) ditriech: “oh, you have your ssc? that’s great. still can’t get an id”
(10:56:33) ditriech: (kid with high school transcript gets his id)
(10:56:36) WoodnShoePimp: it’s not?
(10:56:38) WoodnShoePimp: shit
(10:56:46) ditriech: (girl with gun license gets her id)
(10:57:17) WoodnShoePimp: Virginia Criminal Justice Agency Offender Information Form
(10:57:19) WoodnShoePimp: is
(10:57:21) WoodnShoePimp: but ssc is not
(10:57:25) ditriech: yeah
(10:57:37) ditriech: so a criminal can get their id before I can
(10:57:40) ditriech: like I said
(10:57:42) ditriech: stupid state
(10:58:27) ditriech: so someone who violated their parole can go to a bar and drink BUT I CAN’T
(10:58:39) WoodnShoePimp: so call up kenyon and get your transcript
(10:58:51) WoodnShoePimp: or take a greyhound back to the hog
(10:58:54) ditriech: have to write or fax
(10:58:57) WoodnShoePimp: i think those are your only option
(10:59:06) ditriech: can’t go on a greyhound without a valid photo id
(10:59:16) ditriech: im doing the kenyon thing tomorrow when I get to work
(10:59:21) ditriech: but this is so stupid
(10:59:25) WoodnShoePimp: yes
(10:59:33) WoodnShoePimp: you can’t greyhound without an ID?
(10:59:36) ditriech: nope
(10:59:51) ditriech: well, they made me show mine when I went to col
11:01:19) WoodnShoePimp: weird
11:03:36) WoodnShoePimp: that’s pretty shitty

The major question is will this derail the WNDC? The Leader unable to drink? Or even get into the bar?


We are so doing it if we have to do it at my house. I’m so cereal.

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  1. I’ll bring the hummus, corn chips, and salsa…oh wait what am I forgeting. Something that no norton party is ocmplete without? damn brain-cells I wish they weren’t so damaged from, what was that beverage? Discovered by the egyptians around 4000bce and perfected by the belgians and bavarians, and butchered by the americans? ……and FYI I am not coming if you have miller light. that beer and me are through. it is watery, there is not enough hops and I loathe it with the pssion of 10,000 burning suns.

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