My Day, by ditriech

(23:35:54) ditriech: like my keyboard (finally) broke
(23:35:59) ditriech: and I wasn’t sure why
(23:36:15) ditriech: (I thought it was because I spilt beer in it but that proved not to the case.)
(23:36:26) ditriech: and I though that betsy had actually died on me.
(23:36:32) ditriech: then, I went to the Shack
(23:36:38) ditriech: bought a new keyboard
(23:36:44) ditriech: tried to turn on the computer
(23:36:48) ditriech: and it wouldn’t turn on
(23:36:57) ditriech: (I wasn’t pressing hard enough)
(23:37:00) LookABrownGirl:
(23:37:02) ditriech: but I didn’t know that
(23:37:03) LookABrownGirl: poor Addie
(23:37:07) ditriech: so I said ill try one more time
(23:37:10) ditriech: it came on
(23:37:16) ditriech: then the keyboard didn’t work again
(23:37:21) ditriech: so I started to tear up
(23:37:35) ditriech: then I realized that it was a wireless keyboard
(23:37:47) ditriech: and wasn’t “connected”
(23:37:51) ditriech: connected it
(23:37:58) ditriech: blingo blango
(23:38:07) ditriech: keyboard and computer works
(23:38:20) ditriech: irn, I’m at a pretty fragile mental state right now

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