The Memo

TO: The Dislist, Dislist Related Enterprise and Activities

FROM: ditriech, HNIC

DATE: 04/01/08


In order to stay “hip” and “in touch” with the “youth” we’ve decided to change the words that we “use” with each other.

Henceforth instead of the word “obviously” we will use “obvs”. And instead of the word “totally” we will use “totes”.

Failure to comply will result in the offender being shot. Survivors will be shot again.



The word ’nuff, may be used in place of “enough” on a trial basis. There shall be no penalty for this currently. Also, “obvi” can be used in place of “obvs” or the former word “obviously”


WhamBangThud: Forgot to send you this last week
ditriech: will watch when i get home
WhamBangThud: Obviously
ditriech: did you not get the memo? we say “obvs” instead of Obviously
ditriech: and “totes” instead of totally
ditriech: you didnt get that Memo?
WhamBangThud: … may have burned it

One thought on “The Memo”

  1. Obviously I totally missed that memo. I have had enough of the IM convo posts. I am going to start writting again.

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