The Origin of the WNDC, by ditriech

A lot of people don’t know the origins behind the WNDC. You see, at pretty much every job I’ve ever had, I’ve found a coalition of the willing. A group of people whose likes and interests matched my own. And I’ve also found a bunch of drinkers. So that’s who I hung out with. The best day for us to hang out, coincidentally, was on Tuesdays, due to the fact that Wednesday was normally the slowest day of work. So, we called the group the “Tuesday Night Drinking Club” in an homage to the Shania Twain Sheryl Crow album “Tuesday Night Music Club” with the slogan “All we wanna do, is get real drunk”. It was catchy and I liked it. However, the group slowly dissipated as everyone else that I knew in the Cleve got hobbies besides drinking.

One Wednesday, I was off in the woods on a “Vision Quest”, and I saw an animal coming toward me.

“Do not seek the treasure,” it said.

“What?” I respond.

“Sorry, wrong Vision Quest. My name is Waldof son of Wladmir. I’m here to help you find your power animal.

“Wait, you’re not my power animal?”

“I’m sorry friend, but that’s not my purpose in this life. Your power animal is being born now. Come! We must go quickly!” said Waldof.

And off we went, running through the wood into a cave. The mother held the baby, as we all listened to what my power animal’s guidance for me would be.



“I’m sorry, you want me to drink?” I said.

“DRANK BITCH!” he said.



And so I started WNDC. With mascot, Wallace the Wombat.

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