Happy Anniversary!

On this day April 25th, 5 years ago, a small Black man who resided mostly in his grandparent’s basement decided to start a website. This website had three parts. One part was his reviews of the Division I-A college football season. The other was his personal, home website. The last of these was the Extravaganza.

To this point in his life, the Ex was stil the best thing that this man has ever done. The Ex took the best of his AIM conversations with his collegiate friends and posted them all for the world to see. Though, to be honest, no one really read the EX besides the people that were on it (sd: Actually, this isn’t totally true. Some people read it before they were on it. But still. A very limited audience).

One day, perhaps, the EX (which is still pronounced E-X) will rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes. But this is doubtful, because ditriech sucks at life.

To you EX!